UX2D Signage Solutions

See Your Message in Living Color

UX2D offers full package digital signage, delivered ready to use and easy to manage. Our digital signage solution stands out from the crowd for its flexibility - from image shuffling to 3rd party application support. For your interactive displays, UX2D provides and visualizes analytics in our one stop content management site. Start to finish, UX2D exceeds the expectations for your digital signage needs at a price that can't be beat.

UX2D's software was made to fit your needs - starting with a few of our base products, consider where the power of digital signage could take your business.

Compare our software packages.

Features Basic Software Pro Software
PNG Support
JPEG Support
1080p Video Support
4k Video Support
Designs with Embedded Videos
HTML Content Support
Interactive Screens
Day Partitioned Scheduling
Multi-Zone Design
Remote Controlled Interactive Content
Analytic Capturing and Reporting

Make a Lasting Impression with
UX2D Basic Software

Show it off in 4k

With UX2D Basic, you can manage your 4k videos and high resolution images via our cloud-based platform, launching and updating content for your split screen displays worldwide.

Design and deploy in one place

The UX2D Digital Menu software allows you to upload your menu to our website, design your menu in specialized software, and update it on your screens in realtime.

Catch their eye

Adding digital signage to your informational displays helps capture and keep the attention of your customers.

New content at the click of a button

With the UX2D Basic player, skip the cost and labor of replacing signs at your business. Updating your message can be done in just a few clicks on our content management site.

Shape your Customer's Experience with
UX2D Pro Software

Highlight your brand

Provide immersive, interactive experiences to increase brand recall and remind customers that your product is the right choice.

Showcase your stars

Capture your customer's attention with customized showcases that provide interactive, on demand information to your customer, and analytics about your customer's journey back to you.

Give them a reason to stay

Educate your customers as they interact with your product, using lift and learn triggers to switch the screen's content.

Create a Safe Re-entry to the workplace with the
UX2D Health Screener

Keep your environment safe

UX2D's Health Screener can take a person's temperature, record their name, and alert you if a screening is failed.