About UX2D

UX2D is a hosted, Cloud-Based, Content Management Software solution providing simplified scalability for digital signage networks. UX2D is a comprehensive platform designed to maximize the benefits of digital signage. Founded in Kansas City, we know the impact that a small team can have on the national stage and we are dedicated to bringing that energy to your brand.

Our Story

UX2D was born out of a retail focused digital signage systems integrator. Our clients had a need for a SaaS Content Management System that could address the unique challenges presented by retail clients that we simply could not find on the market.

Our clients’ needs were significantly more challenging due to the demanding environment, which could be unique in each physical location. Additionally, the solutions that were available were simply cost prohibitive.

UX2D was built to meet those needs, coupled with a solution for creating, building, deploying, and managing interactive signage solutions, as well as collecting and reporting analytics.

UX2D was built to address challenges in retail. We designed our platform to simplify deploying and updating content, backed by highly reliable software and with strong reporting capabilities in mind.

Additionally, UX2D was built to support custom solutions, providing our clients with the ability to create truly unique, immersive interactive experiences.

Our Mission

Our Team

The UX2D team is dedicated to bringing you the best products with even better customer service. Our developers in Kansas City are excited to answer any questions you have, from how to maximize our product features to the next step in making your idea into reality.

Our friendly sales team is trained on all our products and troubleshooting the problems that come with new technology. Our administrative staff works as a well oiled machine to make sure you receive fast service that fills all of your needs.

Our team has been hand picked to exceed your expectations and will only grow with you in mind.